Class Record: Ukemi + Kukishin Shoden Gata + Nawa Waza

September 28, 2007

Class: Thursday 27th Sept

After a meaty “Sanshin” warm-up, the ukemi we looked at is from this dojo’s 8th Kyu syllabus: front, side and back breakfalls. When there’s no room to roll or rolling is unsafe these breakfalls are worth studying. We then applied some of the movements to techniques incorporating kicks and throws to show how the decending power can be applied. Later, during rope work, when ones hands are literally  tied, the breakfalls proved usefull for uke. No matt-slapping here!

I ran through the first 5 kata form Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu just to return to the basics before Alex comes back. Everybody did well and I got some people to demonstrate.  Within the kata we paid attention to that drawing-out twisting power, the gedan uke nagashi, and the way one enters uke’s space.

The last 30 mins was spent on Nawa Waza or using the rope. I showed ways of using the tension to ensnare uke, of making loops on the fly and generally wrapping up uke. We used ropes, belts and the kyoketsu shoge. I think the rope work is a good way to express that Kuki Taisho feeling of this year.

Thought provoker: What are the real-world equivalents of ropes around you these days?

– Ali Martinez


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