Intro Course Autumn 07: Week 2

October 1, 2007

This week’s class had us review forward rolling form the natural posture before doing it form Ichimonji no kamae. We then introduced backward rolling from this kamae too.

Nest we looked at Ichimonji no Kata taking a look at the attackers punch, the receivers block and counter strike in isolation, using pads and with a partner.

We introduced an outer wrist lock at the end of the kata. We then applied the same lock to a grab and strike combo from the attacker.

I hope every saw the priciples in action of  –  moving off line, staying low, keeping guarded, using the feet to generate power and maintaining balance.

A question was asked : “How would the lock work on a boxer who’d have his fist clenched?”

If anyone on the course wants to take a guess at the answer post a comment here! Answers next class.

– Ali Martinez

– Ali Martinez


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