Class Record: Ian Hickey – “demon” guest teacher

October 2, 2007

Class: Monday 01 Oct

A massive thanks to Ian in taking time out to come down to us and show us some of the things he picked up in Japan. Of course Alex is back this week too and it goes without saying we’ll have the opportunity to grab the feeling that Hatsumi Sensei is trying to pass on to us through him as well. 

Ian got the ball really rolling with some meaty muto dori. This gave us the confidence to use our footwork to avoid the cut and to dominate the space required by uke. With this feeling we went on to some nice Kukishin dakentaijutsu that required that sense of being in control of uke body in an indirect way through positioning and use of intent. The potential to strike and throw is many ways was always there – giving no feedback to uke. When training with Ian you felt overwhelmed by subtle intention. We used some hidden weapons and the feeling of using hidden weapons to wrap up uke and destroy their kamae and potential.

Ian also had us work on our jumonji and that feeling of drawing uke out by making them feel they got you. I found it worked best when they really bloody utterly had you…. just….. Then you have them completely. Some nice kicks and controls on the ground too….

Again thanks again Ian and I’m  sure we  will all share Hatusmi Sensei’s art more in the future.

 – Ali Martinez


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