Class Record: Alex & Jason are Back from Japan

October 5, 2007

Class: Thursday Oct 8th

We did various things  found in the Okuden level of Kukishin Dakentaijutsu – namely variations of Oni Kudaki with a certain timing using jumonji dori. These led to nice openings for kicks and strikes to hidden targets.  

We also looked at the blocking of the kicks found in a lot of Kukishin kata studied this year and worked on the timing there. To my mind all of this was very much like Muto Dori without  a sword, so to speak –  that kind of timing and feeling of letting the person hit/cut you. The kodachi came out for some of this as well and Alex showed many diferent ways of drawing and capturing uke’s space with it.

This was a slice of the feeling the guys still have from their Japan trip and judging from past form, I suspect that there’ll be tons of technical things for us to work on in the future from basics to that feeling thing.

With that in mind don’t forget the 2 day seminar in Wiltshire coming up on the October bank holiday weekend. Alex will be teaching and will naturally be drawing on his recent trip to impart his knowledge of Bujinkan budo so if you can make it’ll be well worth the effort. It would be good to support our ties with our buyu across the water who came over recently to us in Rathmines.

– Ali Martinez

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