Class Record: Kihon “warmup” + Back-from-Japan Dakentaijutsu

October 9, 2007

Class: Monday 8th October

We did a bunch of basic rolls from the Ten Chi  Jin No Maki and then launched into a robust warmup with Sanshin no kata repititions as well as the Koshi Kihon Sanpo from Kihon Happo. As Alex says, this sort of repeated body movements is great for seeing how good your form really is.  It’s not hard to spot who isn’t doing this sort of thing in their own time so everyone should make these basics part of their weekly home study.

We then studied the first kata from the Okuden level of Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu which had some fairly technical components to master. We played with some of the ideas that this kata lent us using footwork to dominate the space uke needs.

After tea, Jason showed us some nice waza he picked up in Japan involved some subtle lateral movements and licks and strikes. We used this idea to play freely then with uke, using their natural reactions to potential strikes to open opportunities to throw and take balance while staying safe and guarded. It really felt like you were getting uke to hang onto you for their balance even if that meant them placing themseves in some interesting postions  for various omote gyaku using not only the hand but the nose, elbow, sleeves etc.

The class went on for over 2 hours as various ideas trickled out – robust indeed.

– Ali Martinez


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