Class Record: Kukishin Ryu Kata + Kasumi No Ken

October 12, 2007

Class: Thursday 11th October

After a rigorous Kaiten and Sanshin No Kata warmup, we started to study the first three kata from the Okuden level of Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu. These involved varius aspects of Oni kudaki including angling, changing into other locks, kicking, throwing etc. The way one takes the balance is important here.

We did some Kukishin Happo Biken – sword – with a small discussion on differences between it and Togakure Ryu sword. We saw a version of Gedan no kamae and did some techniques against a thrust – with both uke and tori equally trying to improve footwork and timing.

Again the idea of “Kasumi no Ken” came out. This principle applies of course to all our weapons and strikes and waza.

Thought provoker: How does “Kasumi no Ken” apply to Kihon Happo?

– Ali Martinez


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