Class Record: Basic kicks + Hanbo

October 15, 2007

Class Sunday Oct 14th

As part of the beginners section of the class we did basic kicking drills from kamae against pads, punch bags and with an uke in jumonji no kamae. We also looked at mae-geri in the context of a basic technique and saw how it’s really our balanced postion and good distance that allows us to pick and choose targets while being free after the kick to lock, punch, kick again, escape etc.

For the syllabus we looked at basic Hanbo – the three kamae, striking from kamae, some gyaku waza and footwork. I explained how when using weapons  in the dojo setting uke must react accordingly so as to offer the attacker – tori – a “realsitic” context for continuing the technique. Some students declined the chance to see how their body would actually react to a strike with wood and agreed to play along. A sensible choice, I thought.

Thought provoker: How do you know which is the best grip for a strike with the hanbo?

– Ali Martinez


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