Beginners Course Week 4

October 16, 2007

As well as practicing the basic forward and backward rolls I introduced the dive roll to the class. We then looked at Ichinmonji no kata with an emphasis on blocking. We practiced Hicho no kata and then isiolated out the kick  to look at how it works with the whole body using pads.

Then we practiced out omote gyaku wrist reversal agiants a grab/ounch and I added a kick in there to show how it can make sense only if our distance and balance is right. At the end we practiced our big throw –  Ogoshi. All of these things included  work on posture –  kamae and relaxed and balanced  movement.

All beginner students are invited to attend the regular classes as per the dojo schedule where they can continue to improve the basics.

Info on uniforms or “Dogi” can be sought by asking your classmates where they got theirs. Same with training weapons.

– Ali Martinez 


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