Class Record: Zenpo Ukemi + Okuden Kata + Randori

October 16, 2007

Class: Monday Oct 15th 

The class started with some basic rolling and then we had a spotlight on Zempo Ukemi. This is a  tricky ukemi designed to be used when rolling isn’t an option due to obstacles, angling/speed or the wearing of armour. We looked at it from the ground up, literally, and later on in the class during randori  we saw some excellent examples of this breakfall in real time with awkward twists and turns on the throw as well as the weight of the kobuto(helmet).

We continued our look into the principles contained in the Okuden level of Kukishin ryu Dakentaijutsu and included some counters and counters to counters within it. All of this showed our continuing need for kamae, distance, footwork, angling, timing. Some of the waza had interesting strikes and blocking thanty allow us to gain a certain type of entry. Jason showed us a technique expanded on by Alex using some nice foot positioning to achieve a more awkward throw. These things were further explored with the added impulse of “randori” where the attacker  moved freely against you throwing punches, kicks etc and generally being a nuisance (Oni).

Thought provoker: Ever try Zempo Ukemi on wood/concrete? Against a wall? 

– Ali Martinez


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