Upcoming events

October 17, 2007

Here at the Bujinkan Meehan Dojo, we maintain this blog to give students of this club a sort of visual outline record of what is covered in class. However, as well as this blog and the main club website, we also maintain a separate website – the main Irish Bujinkan webportal at www.bujinkan.ie. This site lists upcoming seminars and a directory of dojo websites and up to date information can be found there, but it seems like a good time to give an update to the next couple of seminars we’re either teaching at, involved with organising or just support and recommend everyone else support.

October 27/28: Kukishin Ryu Seminar in Wiltshire, UK

November 11th: Kukishin Ryu Seminar in Athlone, Ireland 

November 24th/25th: Pedro Fleitas Shihan Seminar, in Dublin

December 1st: Irish Buyu Taikai, in Dublin


More stuff is planned as well, so keep an eye on this blog and also on the events calander for 2008 at www.bujinkan.ie

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