Class Record: Tehodoki + Genseki Nage + Gyaku Waza

October 19, 2007

Class: Thursday 19th Oct

More rolling as a warmup with another close look at zenpo ukemi. It’s the breakfall that allows us to practice those tough dangerous throws in Kukishin Ryu. You don’t intentionally do zenpo ukemi for real – your body will do it for you if you practice the basics and work through the levels.

The pre-shoden gata waza of Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu were looked at with taki ori ura and omote practiced. We then did more Okuden waza, seeing how the strikes work to take balance, which led to a spotlight on ganseki nage and various ways to respond to uke slipping, pulling, jumping, wriggling out of it. This progressed on to other types of gyaku waza as counters.

Jason showed us a neat gyaku from a grab-kick-punch combo which used strategic footwork and timing to take uke’s balance and keep it.

It’s great to see some of the beginners jump into the regular class too.

After that some of us went to Yamamori’s for a bite and a natter.

– Ali Martinez


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