Class Record: Okuden Gyaku Waza + Tehodoki + Sutemi

October 22, 2007

Class: Saturday 20th Oct

The kyu grades chipped in with the beginners course and hopefully used the chance to practice their basics. We started off the regular session then with some of the stuff Alex and Jason did on Thursday – gyaku waza with a uke sometimes resisting. After that I asked each kyu grade to pick something form their syllabus so we did “tomoenage” which appeared naturally out of a waza we had just done. Next came “tehodoki” and “temakura” which also nicely linked with things we were alredy doing and lastly we played with the kata called in English “false push”.  A theme for the session emerged which was that of responding to tori’s reactions by sensing them through subtle body contact.

Thought provoker: Are you check-boxing the items on the syllabus?

– Ali Martinez


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