Class Record: Kukishin Okuden Gata + Randori

October 23, 2007

Class: Monday 22nd Oct

We started off with “Setto” from the Okuden level of Kukishin ryu dakentaijutsu. It has  a nice ura gyaku in it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that we did a  nice drill on balance breaking using triangulation and “vectors”. Did anyone try doing this both grabbing and being grabbed.

We’re starting to see now how these Okuden technique contain a dynanism that builds on the levels before. Techniques “emerge” more so than are “done”. As Alex says…. it’s hard to “Do” a technique on an uncompliant person, it’s better to be open to the possibility that a technique will happen. Of course this doesn’t mean we avoid studying the basics first… that was the levels before Okuden are about. Now we try and recognise or spot the potential for technIques with our bodies… through palpation or the art of touching or feeling out with the whole body.

I was asked to do a technique so used  a tehodoki opening to unbalance uke before throwing them….twice in one movement. Alex then did a version with a  spear. We continued the theme of taking balance with timing, and being at zero, using teppan shuriken and kicking techniques.  Ukemi is important here.

Thought provoker: We all know uke does ukemi.. what about tori’s ukemi?

– Ali Martinez


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