Class Record: Iai + Mai + Timing

October 31, 2007

Class Tuesday 30th Oct

Because of the small class and the bank-holiday feeling we did some playing around with spacial awareness and distance and timing. We did this through some scenario training  that our buyu friend, Norman Smithers showed at the seminar on the weekend. It involved taking out an appraching subject with the aid of a second and made us look at distance, timing, rolling, drawing the sword, awarensss(Zanshin) and movement.

We focused in on distance training using a kenjutsu drill that highlighted the cutting distance of the sword. The blocking used also gave us a chance to work on angling and timing as well as Zanshin. Various aspects of the topology of the sword itself were explained.

Timing became a factor in our last few taijtutsu waza which allowed us to take uke’s balance early in their movement in a few different ways.

– Ali Martinez

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