Beginners Course: Week 6

November 2, 2007

We covered the last of the items on the 9th Kyu syllabus. So everyone should have seen the three paired kata: Ichimonji, Hicho and Jumonji – which contain various strikes to various targets.  We also did the last of the three throws so now we have Ogoshi, Osote Nage and Harai Goshi. With the rolling and the Omote Gyaku wrist lock from a grab, that’s essentially the syllabus covered. The last two classes will be about consoliating these things with practice/refinement and we should be able to fit in some hanbo – stick techniques –  too.

So break out the syllabus now and then and do a mental checklist of what we’ve done. It’s good to even go over the movements on your own, including the punching part.

Next class *Week 7* is Sunday 3-4pm AND Monday 6.45-7.45pm.

– Ali Martinez


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