Class Record: Kukishin Ryu Gyaku Waza + Happo Biken

November 6, 2007

Class: Monday November 5th

It was a rather full class last night so we got right into some of the gyaku waza found in Kukishin Ryu. We did oni kudaki with an emphasis on keeping uke moving – tori adding strikes within the movement. We also did a particular kind of omote and ura gyaku done with Kukishin Ryu style movement.

Our swordwork showed how we can enter uke’s space with a light touch – kasumi no ken – and take the balance after with some further cuts and kicks. Alex used the shinobi-gatana for some of these waza so I improvised with a short sword which just about allowed me entry but was hepfull in getting that paper-thin feeling that our sword training contains.

(On the way home I practiced my Zempo Ukemi unintentionally with respect to a bike and a car and lived to type the tale.)

– Ali Martinez

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