Class Record: Sword Kihon + Tsuki Komi + Sayu Gyaku

November 13, 2007

Class: Monday 12th Nov

As part of our continuing look at Bujinkan sword or “Happo Bikenjutsu” the class divided into two. Some folks hadn’t had practice with the basics yet so they went through various aspects of handling the sword – grip, cutting, handling etc.

The rest of us went through tsuki komi from Kukishin Ryu Happo Biken along with the 2 formal henka or Sayu Gyaku.  We looked at kiai, timing, distance, footwork, cutting targets etc. We looked at the densho as appears in soke’s sword book and garnered what feeling we could from it along with the physical instruction given. There were some excellent questions asked regarding the attack of uke and kamae. We used the same feeling to play with different cuts and even used some 2-sword techniques within this.

Our sword work allows us to tidy up everything we use in taijutsu because mistakes are less affordable when dealing with bladed weapons, unlike unarmed where we can accept a strike a little easier. So we applied the feeling we learned to some taijutsu in the end.

Thought provoker: Kiai can be said to be natural extentions of the spirit, when under sudden/potential external forces. Can you think of any non-budo examples of kiai?

– Ali Martinez

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