End of the Autumn 07 Beginners Course.

November 13, 2007

For the last class we ran through  the 9th Kyu exam material in a sytematic way. I tweaked everyones taijutsu as we went and didn’t move forward until everyone individually reached a pass standard, which everyone did. I’m very happy with the progress everyones made and they’re definitely ready for the test next Saturday.

There’s 2 more chances for people to go over the material in class… this Thursday before the main class and the first part of my Saturday class before the exam.

Things to keep in mind for the exam:
 – slow and definite is better than fast and sloppy
 – the test is about movement and form/defintion, not “fighting”
 – all items will be asked for in Japanese AND English
 – this is a formal dojo exam and should be treated with due consideration

Some students are unable to attend this Saturday and will be tested over  the following weeeks in class.

Good luck everyone.


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