Class Record: Dakentaijutsu + Happo Bikenjutsu

November 16, 2007

Class: Thursday 15th nov

We did lots of rolling with emphasis on kamae in between. I started the class with a throwing drill from kumiuchi where the thrower uses feedback from uke’s movement to find the timing and space to throw effortlessly. After that we practiced some ideas fom the Shirabe Moguri Gata of this years theme. The same sort of light touch and feedback was involved and Alex showed a  good demonstration on me of how not to do it in order to highlight the feeling he was talking about. He basically grabbed me roughly and my reaction was that I was able to anchor myself with his grab to kick him. When he showed the correct way, I as uke don’t have an anchor and it’s really like trying to hold  a big bag of water or punching a cloud! This same ideas was played with with all sorts of locks and strikes thrown in.

Our in-depth sword study at the dojo continued with the next 2 kata in the Hiken no Ho Gata of Kukishin ryu’s Happobikenjutsu. These were Tsukigake and Kiriage and we looked at the sayu gyaku of  Tsukigake also. I found it interesting to note how the feeling of using a  tachi rather than a katana came out with some of this, and on reading Soke’s Sword book later on about this, it does indeed mention the use of tachi within these kata.  

Alex mentioned the Shin-gi-tai aspect of our sword training too – also highlighted in the book, as it happens. The idea of heart/spirit + technique + body as one. This of course applies to all weapons as well as ukemi, unarmed, grapping etc.

Thought provoker: Alex encourages us to take notes on these sword kata – Are you?

– Ali Martinez


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