UK Kukishin Ryu seminar report

November 19, 2007

Just a quick note to report that the Wiltshire Seminar at the end of October went extremely well. David Oliver and his students from the Koshin Dojo did a fantastic job organising this seminar and in particular David, Gary and Ollie went above and beyond the call of duty to look after all of us that made the trip over.

Everyone was picked up from the airport, put up for the weekend and ferried around fantastically. In particular, David and his lovely wife Ginette really were very hospitable and looked after us really well.

The seminar itself was well attended over the two days and enough people made favourable comments directly to me to allow me to conclude that it was a success. Content wise, we spent some time on Saturday morning looking at basic ukemi and the mechanics of the Oni Kudaki joint reversal in all its variant forms before moving onto to some techniques from the Kukishin Ryu for the afternoon. These techniques are very interesting and quite challenging, as they are longer than the waza we typically practice, with the attacker launching four and five attacks in quick succession before being taken down.Day one finished with some sword stuff and then on Sunday morning we did lots of sword basics – looking at tenouchi, correct cutting form, the construction of kamae, and some drills for hammering home the points made. For the rest of the day, we covered more Kukishin Ryu kata interspersed with variations and more swordwork.

It was nice to see students from lots of different dojos came, and some new connections were made. Some people had never met me or David and so it was interesting that they choose to take a chance to attend a seminar with someone new, but hopefully they had a good time and I certainly made some new friends. It was great also to have Norman Smithers and a few other senior teachers drop by.

Anyway, I really had a fantastic time and it was a good experience for me to see and meet lots of new Bujinkan students, so thanks for having me David, and thanks again to all my guys who made it over – in particular Rex, Ali and Jason. We’ve been invited back next year, and somehow I think time will fly.

– Alex Meehan

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