Class Record: Ukemi + Kukishin Dakentaijutsu + Kenpo

November 20, 2007

Class: Monday November 19th

Our ukemi waza involved some rolling and leaping against various sword cuts in many directions. Feeding off the Kukishin Dakentaijutsu material we looked at the timing of a throwing counter and how it can lead to various openings to strike, throw, kicks, locks etc.  Our earlier leaping proved usefull in this regard.  Of course if uke didn’t really try and throw the dynamic changed but this going with the flow was important too.

Our kenpo study looked at Kiri Age No Kata with some Sayu Gyaku that emerged naturally out of different angling.  Timing was a big factor here  – something like the timing when avoiding the cuts in ukemi earlier.. that feeling of almost wanting to be cut. We looked at a particular way of controlling uke’s possible counter cuts with percussive use of the back of the blade. 

– Ali Martinez


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