Pre-order the new Taijutsu book

November 21, 2007

Hatsumi Sensei’s new Taijutsu book is now available for pre-order on Amazon, even though it’s not due out until next year.

Here’s the text description from the Amazon.co.uk page.

This book explores the essence of various unarmed techniques unique to the Japanese martial arts, known as budo taijutsu. The techniques are highly specialized, and allow the practitioner to evade and receive an attack even from an opponent wielding a sword, enabling them to punch, kick, and finally to lock or control the body of their opponent. Among the various techniques introduced are

  • Kihon Happo (Eight Basic Movements)
  • Kosshijutsu (Attacks against Muscles)
  • Koppojutsu (Attacks against Bones)
  • Jutaijutsu (Flexible Body Arts)
  • Daken Taijutsu (Fist Punching and Striking)
  • Ninpo Taijutsu (Bodily Arts of the Ninja)
  • And many more.

These renowned techniques have been secretly inherited through the various lineages of masters for more than a century.Such techniques have been secretly inherited through the various lineages of masters for more than a century. The techniques became the basis of a range of other martial arts, including judo, karate, and aikido. This book will thus enhance the reader’s understanding of the roots of such martial arts, as well as enabling him/her to learn more practical fighting techniques.

The book also shines light on the essence of the spirit of Japanese budo and bushido, and includes many photos of the techniques as well as rare drawings and hidden scrolls.

About the Author: MASAAKI HATSUMI was born in 1931. After progressing through various martial arts, he became the 34th Grandmaster of Togakure-ryu Ninjutsu and eight other martial arts, which he unified into the Bujinkan system. Hatsumi has taught thousands of students and given instruction to law enforcement agencies all over the world. He has received numerous accolades from politicians and spiritual leaders of many nationalities. He is also the author of many books and DVDs on ninjutsu and budo.

This book is being translated from Japanese into English by a good friend of the dojo, Doug Wilson, so we’re eagerly waiting on this one. You can pre-order the new book at this address or read Doug’s excellent Henka blog at this address.

 – Alex Meehan

One comment

  1. Hatsumi sensei’s books are always nothing short of amazing. This book will be no different.

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