Class Record: Kukishin Ryu Shirabe Moguri Gata Dakentaijutsu + Happo Biken: Kiri-Sage

November 23, 2007

Class: Thursday 23rd Nov

Did some rolling while picking up objects and staying in kamae. After that we practiced some Suwari Gata movements and then waza form Takagi Yoshin ryu. We did some similar movements while standing and this fed nicely into our Kukishin ryu Dakentaijutsu. Going in deep seemed to be an important aspect of each technique. The idea of not getting necessarily cought up in the uke was also explored a little. The 4th Kata in Kukishin Ryu Happobiken was explored also and I think its easy to see how there really is an infinite amount to play with in these things already.

Thought Provoker: How can you practice things from the happobiken gata on your own?

– Ali Martinez


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