December 2007 training schedule

November 27, 2007

Here’s the training schedule for December 2007.

Week one
Saturday, December 1st – 10.15am to 5pm, 1st Irish Buyu Taikai
Saturday, December 1st – 8pm to late, Christmas Party and Bonenkai
Monday, December 3rd – 8.00pm to 9.45pm
Thursday, December 6th – 7.30pm to 9.15pm
Sunday, December 9th – 3pm to 5pm (with Ali Martinez Shidoshi) Sword basics

Week two
Monday, December 10th – 8.00pm to 9.45pm
Thursday, December 13th – 7.30pm to 9.15pm
Sunday December 16th – 3pm to 5pm (with Ali Martinez Shidoshi) Beginner’s training and normal class.

Week three
Monday, December 17th – 8.00pm to 9.45pm
Thursday, December 20th – 7.30pm to 9.15pm
Saturday December 22nd – No Training

Week four
Monday, December 24th – No Training
Thursday, December 27th – 7.00pm to 10.00pm Special class with Shihan Peter King, Menkyo Kaiden
Saturday December 29th – No Training
It’s possible to pay for each class individually – each class costs 12 euro, but if fees are paid for the month in advance on the first training session of the month, each class costs 10 euro instead. It is not obligatory to attend any particular number of classes per month, but training at least twice a week is recommended for optimum progress. Reduced fees are also payable for people in full time education or out of work.

Open mat training
Open mat training is not a class, but rather an opportunity for members of the Dōjō to get time to practice what they feel they need to work on. There is no teacher at these sessions, but senior grades will be on hand to supervise. Sessions are announced in the main classes during the week and on the discussion board. Note: Open mat training is open to all students of the Bujinkan Meehan Dōjō, but only to students of other Dōjōs of 3rd Kyu and above.

Monthly workshops
A workshop is held once a month to allow time to explore a particular topic in depth.

Other classes
Occasionally, weekly classes are offered in particular aspects of Budo Taijutsu – these are announced in class. There are also occasionally classes in Japanese language and culture, first aid, meditiation and more.

– Alex Meehan


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