Class Record: Jiyu Waza + Happobiken + Muto dori

November 28, 2007

Class: Tuesday 27th Nov

“Jiyu waza” is free form training and we did it against a grab/punch attack. Within this sort of training we could see how our kata-trained kamae, positioning, distancing worked. If it all worked well, then techniques such as locks and throws naturally appear without concious effort. The uke could use the time to examine their ukemi in response to unpredicitable balance breaking. This sort of training is nearer to “fighting” than kata and can be used to gauge ones overall ability as well as stamina, both as uke and tori. In fact it’s within this movement that techniques that cannot be tranmitted in kata form occur – but I’d say you’d need training in the kata to get there.

Amazingly Alex started doing some Happo biken based on the kata we’ve studied recently but in a fashion, using the tachi, that prety much mirrored what Shihan Pedro Felitas  did at the seminar on Sunday – the class Alex didn’t actually attend!  We did a few different techniques that were uncannily like the mu-kamae or no-posture stuff at the seminar. This led to muto dori in this class too, with almost the same techniques appearing. Maybe Alex left a hidden camera running at the hall on Sunday!

Thought provoker: With freeform training, how would striking effect the creation of unplanned techniques?

– Ali Martinez

One comment

  1. Ha ha – coincidence. All I was doing was adapting the sword work we had been doing to the type of feeling I’d observed on Saturday with Pedro. It’s natural that it would look a little similar!

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