Class Record: Juppo Sessho

November 30, 2007

Class: Thursday 29th Nov

I call this class juppo sessho because of the large range of things we looked at and how it often involved a certain sense of timing and positioning that served to throw uke off balance not just gravitationally but mentally too. I started the class with some ideas I found at the Pedro Seminar that essentially all manipulated uke’s spine in certain ways.

Alex continued and looked at remaining close to uke in order to occupy the space they need to escape or counter with various leg captures and kosshijutsu attacks. The naginata was introduced to act as  a destabiliser, a pivot pint, a weapon, a “paintbrush” if you like! (Referencing Pedro’s thoughts on Bujinkan movement). Alex asked the dan-grads to show techniques and they all essentially involved riding out uke’s atack and throwing them in various directions. Alex expanded on what was shown.

Thought provoker: Do you check to see if your uke is punching properly? i.e. don’t do anything and get hit?

– Ali Martinez


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