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January 2008 training schedule

December 30, 2007

January 2008 training schedule

Week one
Thursday, January 3rd – 7.30pm to 9.15pm Hatsu Geiko/Kagami biraki – first training of the year.
Saturday January 5th – Kihon Seminar in Clondalkin, 11am to 5pm

Week two
Monday, January 7th – 8.00pm to 9.45pm
Thursday, January 10th – 7.30pm to 9.15pm
Saturday January 12th – No training

Week three

Monday, January 14th – 8.00pm to 9.45pm
Thursday, January 17th – 7.30pm to 9.15pm
Saturday January 19th – No training

Week four
Monday, January 21st – 8.00pm to 9.45pm
Thursday, January 24th – 7.30pm to 9.15pm
Saturday January 26th – 3pm to 5pm (with Ali Martinez Shidoshi)

Week five
Monday, January 28th – 8.00pm to 9.45pm
Thursday, January 31st – 7.30pm to 9.15pm

General notes

It’s possible to pay for each class individually – each class costs 12 euro, but if fees are paid for the month in advance on the first training session of the month, each class costs 10 euro instead. It is not obligatory to attend any particular number of classes per month, but training at least twice a week is recommended for optimum progress. Reduced fees are also payable for people in full time education or out of work.

Open mat training
Open mat training is not a class, but rather an opportunity for members of the Dōjō to get time to practice what they feel they need to work on. There is no teacher at these sessions, but senior grades will be on hand to supervise. Sessions are announced in the main classes during the week and on the discussion board. Note: Open mat training is open to all students of the Bujinkan Meehan Dōjō, but only to students of other Dōjōs of 3rd Kyu brown belt and above.

Monthly workshops
A workshop is held once a month to allow time to explore a particular topic in depth.

Other classes
Occasionally, weekly classes are offered in particular aspects of Budo Taijutsu – these are announced in class. There are also occasionally classes in Japanese language and culture, first aid, meditiation and more.

– Alex Meehan


Christmas training with Shihan Peter King

December 24, 2007

There will be a three hour session with Shihan Peter King from the UK on the evening of Thursday December 27th from 7.00pm to 10.00pm at my dojo in Rathmines.


I’ll tentatively say all are welcome (last time we did this, 27 people turned up at short notice and our tiny dojo was heaving, but what the heck, it’s Christmas!) So if you’ve had enough of stuffing your face with turkey and trifle and want to stretch your legs. we’ll see you there. The training fee is €20 for the evening, and as Peter is just back from Japan and the Daikomyosai, if we ask nicely he may share some of Hatsumi Sensei’s recent ideas and perhaps even give us a preview of next year’s theme?

– Alex Meehan

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2007

From all the students and teachers at the Bujinkan Meehan Dojo, Merry Christmas!

2007  has been a fantastic year for the dojo and it’s members and at this time of year, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone connected to the dojo as well as casual readers of this blog a great Christmas.

See you in 2008!

– Alex Meehan


Class Record: Dakentaijutsu + Kyoketsu + Kihon Happo

December 21, 2007

Class: Thurs 2oth Dec

I dipped into Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu and did some techniques with that “shirabe moguri” feel including throws, gyaku waza, back kicks and effective strikes to exposed areas. We also had a peak at using the semban shuriken in close.

After tea I asked the dan grades to find a technique using the kyoketsu shoge and we saw some nice examples of gyaku waza, juppo sessho, throwing and entangling. I showed various ways of flicking the ring section, of using the tension in the rope, of making loops, using a partner to ensnare a swordsman etc.  The playfull feeling continued afterwards with another session of Kihon Happo Randori against 3 successive punches/grabs. It was easy to see how quality of technique went up the slower and more assured tori became. Increased pressure really shows our taijutsu up and makes us realise where we have to focus on in our own training. For myself and I think for most people it’s quality of striking both in technique and targeting. Everyones mobility and gyaku waza were really very good though. this sort of movement also shows how kicking is really a close quarters thing in the Bujinkan.

Thought provoker: Made your Kyoketsu Shoge yet?

– Ali Martinez


Last Class before Christmas tonight

December 20, 2007


Class Record: Kihon Happo Randori + Happobiken

December 18, 2007

Class: Monday Dec 17th

We pretty much did similar stuff at this class as my Sunday class as it went really well then. Everyone practiced the basic Kihon Happo before splitting up into groups with 2/3 attackers and the tori doing one kata at a time with freedom to adapt as necessary . I was impressed with everyones abilities in maintaining good control both physically and mentally. This years Kukishin training both in technical terms and in the spirit of playfullness really came out well.

Everyone did  a great job of  maintaining tactical distance; not getting wrapped up in fighting; responding to the attack, rather than forcing their own response; keeping their balance.. back straight, hips low, feet mobile and all the things that Kukishin Ryu has thought us this year.

As well as the role of tori, the uke who were attacking probably initially found great big hole in their  own ability to cover distance, and attack with balance, and stay guarded. This is important. As well as that it was a crowded room with 3 big groups moving about and geting in each others way, slipping on the wood, knocking  into the bag  and so on, so it was all excellent awareness and ukemi practice too. Let this class be a measure and a reminder to take stock and train properly. Remember their was a lot we didn’t/couldn’t do really.. like full strikes or throws into the wall or use of weapons.

After tea we did a couple of sword vs sword techniques then some muto dori – all looking at a particulra angle, timing and taking of balance.

Thought provoker: How was your striking during the multiple attack drill?  

Ali Martinez


Class Record: Kihon Happo with Randori + Kyoketsu Shoge + Raiko

December 17, 2007

Class: Sunday  16th Dec

We went through Kihon Happo basically and then fired it up with multiple simultaneous attacks to get people moving and receiving and seeing how positional control works in a more dynamic setting. The gyaku waza part of the set was fun with three attackers grabbing tori at the same time. Essentially it ended up being all about footwork and keeping your back straight. I thought everyone did well and this sort of free response stuff realy shows up the level of taijutsu. a good way to end my last official weekend class of the year.

After tea I showed a few striking techniques with the kyoketsu shoge and we all drilled them against the bag and then a  in seigan no kamae. We also looked at some straightforward semban shuriken throws – all in preperation for next years theme.  Continuing with that we also looked at Raiko no kata with the sword. all these drills can be done solo of course and everyone should practice them at home and make them your own.

Thought provoker:  What do the kyoketsu shoge and shuriken have in common?

– Ali Martinez