Class Record: Gyaku Waza + Suwari Waza + Naginata

December 4, 2007

100th Class Record 

Class: Monday 4th Dec 

 It was pretty cold in the dojo last night so I did a fairly vigorous warmup with basic rolling. This proved usefull as the gyaku waza we were doing later from different types of grab/punches resulted in some hefty throws.  A sheathed sword was thrown in the mix too.  A particular way of going from standing to sitting allowed us to look at taking balance later. As always, a decent grab and punch is called for in this one.  At one point I felt my uke was throwing a punch way off target so I gambled on not moving – it worked and the punched skimmed right by my face. Ukemi without ukemi. I think it’s important to do this – all you’ll get is a sore face if you’re wrong, but if you’re right, uke will punch truer. 

After tea Alex asked Gavin to show some Naginata techniques. He showed  a few variations on a theme and we tried them out. We also tried the Nagimaki which has  a  different weight and Alex showed some Bisento too. It was interesting how our Dakentaijutsu balance breaking came out in this session… helped by the hooking power of the long weapon.

Thought provoker:  Is your ukemi coming from you or your tori?

– Ali Martinez


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