Class Record: Hanbo Kihon + Taikai Review

December 7, 2007

Class: Thursday 6th December

From the start we worked with the hanbo for the first hour. We did various rolls carrying the hanbo and coming up into kamae. We did various striking drills, one-handed and two…..down, side and up….. looking at footwork, hand positions, distance, targets and ukemi. We then looked at basic hanbo techniques and included some ideas that have come out of this years theme. I tried to remind everyone to use the distance of the hanbo and not forget strikes and kicks despite having a ranged weapon. We used wooden weapons rather than padded, relying on uke to react accordingly.

After tea, I got the dan grades to show something form the recent Tai Kai. We did some sword, Seion, Naginata, kicking and striking and gyaku waza.

Thought provoker: Ever do Sanshin no Kata with the hanbo?

– Ali Martinez


One comment

  1. It’s great every now and then to get back to wood striking wood. It really sharpens up the class, gets a shinken feeling and makes you think about what you’re doing. Hanbo rocks 🙂

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