Class Record: Raiko no ken + Omote Gyaku

December 10, 2007

Class: Sunday 9th Dec

We started with rlling with the sword tucked in the belt – 2 forward rolls and  a backwards one. I did various drills that looked at the first three cuts from Raiko No Ken, the 6 cut sword kata from Togakure Ryu. Within these drills were 3  kamae, correct grip, footwork, “power” generation. I’ve been lucky to have 2 classes with Someya Sensei on these over the years along with some fine tuning by Alex. These drills were done solo today so we didn’t see other aspects like guarding, distance,  timing etc.  which I’ll cover later along with the remaining cuts.

After tea, I looked at the omote gyaku that Alex showed at the Tai kai which comes from Kukishi Ryu. We added some counters and counter to counters and saw how our stirkes and locks all have their own openings. It’s usually our footwork that close these up.

– Ali Martinez


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