Class Record: Chi + Sui No Kata with Henka + Iai

December 11, 2007

Class: Monday 10th Dec

Our rolling was the same as Sunday…with the katana worn through the belt. This gives people a chance to get comfortable with the sword and used to moving it around while rolling and walking.

We did Chi  no Kata from the Sanshin in drill form and  then did it woth a partner before doing  henka using kicking and other strikes. The hanbo came into use as well and we could see how the distance changes but the power generation stays the same.

We did the same thing with Sui No kata. Within the henka we found room to throw and use the hanbo again. For me good  kicking  = mobility so we looked at different ways of doing dynamic kicks to effect structure – as opposed to causing pain/injury.

During tea Matt and Jason were playing with sword retention stuff form Takagi Yoshin ryu so before getting them to show us I had everyone practice the first three cuts from Raiko No Ken from a drawing perspective… this sat wel with the rolling from earlier and the distance training we’ve being doing recently. The last cut became a thrust. Then the guys showed us their techniqes and I added some kicks that came from the Sanshin henka beforehand.

Though provoker: What solo training can be done from what we studied today?

– Ali Martinez

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