Class Record: Ka no Kata + koho geri + Happobiken

December 14, 2007

Class: Thursday 13th Dec

I continued with rolling with  sheathed sword but built up to it with one-handed rolls first. We then did Ka no Kata from the Sanshin solo and then partnered. I explored lots of henka with it using our kicking techniques, including some counters and we spent  a good bit of time on backward kicks – koho geri. I’ve personally experienced this sort of kick for real and know how effective it can be as an opportunistic way of quelling an attack. We looked at distance, timing, angles, targets and structure using ka no kata as a base.

After tea we did some of the happobiken from the recent Pedro Seminar involving blocking the sword with particulare angles and timing before cutting while staying guarded. We finished off with the last 4 gyaku waza of the kihon happo done in basic form.

Thought provoker: Why would you kick backwards at somebody?

– Ali Martinez


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