Class Record: Kihon Happo with Randori + Kyoketsu Shoge + Raiko

December 17, 2007

Class: Sunday  16th Dec

We went through Kihon Happo basically and then fired it up with multiple simultaneous attacks to get people moving and receiving and seeing how positional control works in a more dynamic setting. The gyaku waza part of the set was fun with three attackers grabbing tori at the same time. Essentially it ended up being all about footwork and keeping your back straight. I thought everyone did well and this sort of free response stuff realy shows up the level of taijutsu. a good way to end my last official weekend class of the year.

After tea I showed a few striking techniques with the kyoketsu shoge and we all drilled them against the bag and then a  in seigan no kamae. We also looked at some straightforward semban shuriken throws – all in preperation for next years theme.  Continuing with that we also looked at Raiko no kata with the sword. all these drills can be done solo of course and everyone should practice them at home and make them your own.

Thought provoker:  What do the kyoketsu shoge and shuriken have in common?

– Ali Martinez


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