Class Record: Kihon Happo Randori + Happobiken

December 18, 2007

Class: Monday Dec 17th

We pretty much did similar stuff at this class as my Sunday class as it went really well then. Everyone practiced the basic Kihon Happo before splitting up into groups with 2/3 attackers and the tori doing one kata at a time with freedom to adapt as necessary . I was impressed with everyones abilities in maintaining good control both physically and mentally. This years Kukishin training both in technical terms and in the spirit of playfullness really came out well.

Everyone did  a great job of  maintaining tactical distance; not getting wrapped up in fighting; responding to the attack, rather than forcing their own response; keeping their balance.. back straight, hips low, feet mobile and all the things that Kukishin Ryu has thought us this year.

As well as the role of tori, the uke who were attacking probably initially found great big hole in their  own ability to cover distance, and attack with balance, and stay guarded. This is important. As well as that it was a crowded room with 3 big groups moving about and geting in each others way, slipping on the wood, knocking  into the bag  and so on, so it was all excellent awareness and ukemi practice too. Let this class be a measure and a reminder to take stock and train properly. Remember their was a lot we didn’t/couldn’t do really.. like full strikes or throws into the wall or use of weapons.

After tea we did a couple of sword vs sword techniques then some muto dori – all looking at a particulra angle, timing and taking of balance.

Thought provoker: How was your striking during the multiple attack drill?  

Ali Martinez


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