Class Record: Dakentaijutsu + Kyoketsu + Kihon Happo

December 21, 2007

Class: Thurs 2oth Dec

I dipped into Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu and did some techniques with that “shirabe moguri” feel including throws, gyaku waza, back kicks and effective strikes to exposed areas. We also had a peak at using the semban shuriken in close.

After tea I asked the dan grades to find a technique using the kyoketsu shoge and we saw some nice examples of gyaku waza, juppo sessho, throwing and entangling. I showed various ways of flicking the ring section, of using the tension in the rope, of making loops, using a partner to ensnare a swordsman etc.  The playfull feeling continued afterwards with another session of Kihon Happo Randori against 3 successive punches/grabs. It was easy to see how quality of technique went up the slower and more assured tori became. Increased pressure really shows our taijutsu up and makes us realise where we have to focus on in our own training. For myself and I think for most people it’s quality of striking both in technique and targeting. Everyones mobility and gyaku waza were really very good though. this sort of movement also shows how kicking is really a close quarters thing in the Bujinkan.

Thought provoker: Made your Kyoketsu Shoge yet?

– Ali Martinez


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