Class Record: Back from Japan taster

January 25, 2008

Class: Thursday 24th Jan

The class was a jet-lag fueled taster of the outline of a little of what we did in Japan this trip. We saw some of the Santo Tonko no Kata forms but didn’t really thrash them out. We did these in nearly every class over there and so many things were covered. It’s all really kazushi  waza – balance breaking. We also looked  a little bit at Ninpo Bikken but again just a rough view at some of it. Alex mentioned that our training should encompass a spectrum of hard and soft and to me that includes looking at shinken gata as well as ukemi (not just rolls, breakfalls but being a relaxed uke). I suspect our training this year will constantly call for the approach of how to do both and everything in between.

Thought provoker:  You have gotten your training weapons for the year, right?

– Ali Martinez


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