Class Record: Hachimonji no kamae + Santo Tonko

January 28, 2008

Class: Saturday 26th Jan

My first class since Japan we started with the sanshin warm-up, taken from Someya Sensei’s class along with kaiten/ukemi practice. We continued with some ideas this teacher showed us involving shuirken and using hachimonji no kamae with some gyaku from the kihon happo.

We then did the first kata from the Santo Tonko of Togakure ryu looking initially at the take ori/tehodoki release then at some timing aspects within the movement. All the time we played with being free to use shuriken. In the end we looked at Nagato Sensei’s method for throwing a knotted loop with the kyoketsu. I myself didn’t get this during the class in Japan but with a few hours practice since then I’m hitting at least a 1/4 success rate. The trick to it is…… well…… self-discovery really.

Ali Martinez


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