Class Record: Koku + Kubisugi tonso + Happo biken

January 29, 2008

Class: Monday 28th Jan

We looked at Gyokko ryu’s first kata and henka to see how the manipulation of the space and potential space that the uke occupies and needs can result in effective gyaku without particularily trying to “do a lock”.  The same idea’s of space and timing manipulation appeared in a version of koku applied with the ninjato. I think a lot of what was in that waza is well worth studying – footwork, kamae, spirit, cutting, thrusting, angling, timing, disance, technical manipulation of the sword etc.

I was asked to show a technique so did some Oguri-Sensei inspired gyaku which involved some close quarter gyaku waza with elbows and knees. Alex then took us through some ideas form Kubisugi tonso no kata which again looks at total body movement and evasion to set uke up for locks, throws and strikes. Being uke throughout the class  was helpful in understanding the feeling of not-fighting that was displayed. A definite feeling of being played with like a cat with a mouse (….or rat, I guess……). This happens a lot in Japan

Thought provoker: When tori was striking you – did it hurt, move your structure, throw your balance or just annoy you? Did you tell them?

                                                                                                                                  – Ali Martinez


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