Class Record: Koppojutsu + Tonso Gata + Happobiken

February 8, 2008

Class: Thurs 8th Feb


I started things with the first kata from Koto ryu Koppojutsu Shoden Gata – “Yokuto”. I saw this in Japan on the trip thanks to our buyu Pol of Yamagata prefecture who kindly went through the shoden level with me. The koppojutsu is different from the striking, angling, timing we’ve studied before but…. it’s all the same…. breaking balance, attacking structure etc. The kata led to some henka with daisho and sutemi waza.

We looked at Hidari Kata Ude Tonso Gata from Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu with a chat on the idea of Chi tobi or leaping into the ground. Metsubish were used as well – thanks to Pancake Tuesdays’ leftovers – nudge nudge! Some henka with tanto were explored.

After tea we had a looked at Togakure bikenjutsu kamae, tsuki, guarding, cutting and taijutsu + gyaku waza that appears.

– Ali Martinez


One comment

  1. Thanks to Richard for taking some great pics last night – keep an eye out for the new and improved website coming soon! Cheers Red!


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