Class Record: Koshi/Koppo + Kyoketsu + sword

February 11, 2008

Class: Sat 9th Feb

We had continued our study of the koshijutsu of Gyokko ryu with the second shoden kata “Renyo”. “Ogyaku” from the Koto ryu koppojutsu was next and within those two we found use of many type of strikes to effect structure. I threw in the use of the kyoketsu shoge going from short range strikes and entanglements to long range throwing and trapping with a few sanshin like drills using the weapon.

We did some sword too getting Dave to show something from Thursdays class. We tried some countering ideas and I showed some metsubishi methods picked up in Nagato sensei’s class in January.

Thought provoker: How does the shorter sword differ from the longer one in your ability to counter/attack/gain distance/shield etc… physically AND mentally?

– Ali Martinez


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