Class Record: Kihon, ninpo taijutsu + shuriken

February 15, 2008

Class: Thursday 14th Feb

A smaller than normal class tonight, as Valentine’s Day took it’s toll on those in relationships. Even so, ten or so people ploughed on with an indepth look at the Jumonji no Kata and Omote Gyaku Kote Dori waza from the Kihon Happo no kata.

We then spent some time looking at Hidari Kata Ude Tonso Gata from Togakure Ryu before creating variations and extrapolations, all with an emphasis on the use of the structure rather than the musculature to create advantageous locking and striking techniques. We also spent some of the class looking at teppan nage, and discussing the role of this weapon in taijutsu.

– Alex Meehan


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