Class Record: Tonso Gata + Keriwaza + Koto ryu

February 18, 2008

Class: Sunday 17th Feb

Started off with Hidari Ude Tonso Gata and this led to a  whole host of kicking techniques. Our kicking comes from a balanced kamae and only makes sense when uke is off balance or in a position of being unable to avoid it successfully. We looked at the uke and tori aspect of this idea. Along the way tehodoki’s and kyusho strikes and taisabaki helped.

After tea we praticed more kyoketsu looping. Alex’s tip of throwing a wheel along the rope on the ground worked  a treat and I practiced trying my loop on the left hand and with my feet and from bottom to top rather than top to bottom. Left hand was a 1/3 succes rate and with the foot it was about 1/7….  not bad for the first go! This is very like shuriken… once the knack is gotten it’s transferable to more unusual methods.

We’ve reached the fourth kata of Koto Ryu – Shito and found the omotegyaku very different indeed to our usual gyokko ryu method.  The balance breaking to had  a particular taisabaki that’s worth exploring a  lot.

 – Ali Martinez


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