Class Record: Omote Gyaku Tsuki + Choshi dori + Koto ryu + Suwari Waza

February 20, 2008

Class: Monday 18th Feb

In our spotlight on the Kihon Happo we practiced Omote Gyaku Tsuki. There was fairly meaty kyusho attacks with this one and the resultant balance breaking allowed a neat gyaku. Some variants with Genseki came out too.

I was asked to show a Koto ryu technique so did “Ogyaku” with the feeling I picked up in Japan. Alex expanded on the particular way of  using the body behind the strikes. Rex was asked to show somethimg from a recent seminar in London and did some choshi dori  – rythmn capturing  – within jumonji no kata. We wound down with some tai-sabaki from suwari gata – all about kamae.

Thought provoker: How would you apply choshi dori to the rest of the Kihon Happo?

– Ali Martinez


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