New dojo opening. . .

February 22, 2008

I’m delighted to be able to announce the formation of a new dojo. Alex Martinez Shidoshi will be opening the Bujinkan Jiyu Dojo in March at St Catherine’s Sports and Leisure Centre, Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8.


Ali has been my student for seven years and a student of the Bujinkan martial arts for close to 18 years. He’s one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic practitioners of this martial art in Ireland and I know he will create excellent students of his own.

He is holding an ‘open day’ on the evening of Friday March 14th, so interested parties can pop along and see what’s on offer. Best of luck to Ali in this endeavour and I know he carries a lot of good will with him both from me and from the other students at my dojo.

His website is located at www.bujinkanjiyu.blogspot.com/

– Alex Meehan


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