Class Record: Ura Gyaku + Koto ryu + Muto Dori

February 22, 2008

We had a welcome blow-in last night  –  “Dojocho” from Glasnevin, Glen Nevin, who joined in the class and added some ideas to the teachings himself. We looked at Ura gyaku from the Kihon Happo and explored the basic as thought by Someya Sensei, as well as how it can be used in many directions.

Both myself and Glen were asked to show Koto Ryu’s “koyoku” kata and with this we could see how strikes and tai-sabaki allow throwing to be a result of balance breaking, and not something forced.

The muto dori we did was directly from this years theme, “kote uchi tonsogata” and we played with variations on this, seeing how different ura-gyaku appear. This muto-dori was something we did a lot of in Japan and is an important concept. A wonderful phrase from Japanese swordsmanship expresses it well – (paraphrasing)

“Hell gapes beneath the upraised sword… Step In! Heaven is your reward”

Thought provoker: what does that phrase mean? How does it apply to taijutsu?

 – Ali Martinez


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