Class Record: Koto Ryu + Kyoketsu + Hon Gyaku

February 25, 2008

Class: Sat 23rd Feb

Our Koto Ryu study continued with some henka off the techniques we did on Thursday – we added the Kyoketsu to this. We also did some techniques involving an approaching “uke” using some subtle “acting”. I had the guys practice our kyoketsu looping, trying to get 5 each before tea…. I think the hit rate is improving and there were bonus points for looping both the head and arm!

The next kata in out Koto Ryu study, “Hosoku” led us to some direct balance breaking using the entire body. The henka from this needed us to really practice hitting properly – there’s no room for half-measures here – so I talked about the need for uke/tori to agree on levels of contact while they train, and being able to stike hard and safely.

 We ended on a look at how ura gyaku can turn into hon gyaku and how these locks are total body locks and not just on the wrist.

Thought provoker: Do you talk to your training partner about how “hard” you’re comfortable getting hit in the dojo?

 – Ali Martinez


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