Class Record: Musha Dori + Tonso Gata + Koku

February 26, 2008

Class: Mon 25th Feb

Musha dori –  “capture the warrior” – was studied in it’s basic form last night. The idea of setting up the lock with angling and footwork continued with a look at the first kata form the Tonso Gata of Togakure Ryu. Henka included strikes, finger attacks, counters to counters, capturing rythmn and use of the legs to lock the opponents arms. Alex showed a particular sort of tai-otoshi that made use of uke’s avoidance of a punch to throw them in a tight space. Myself and Shane found that this throw really compressed everything.

James, regular dojo guest syudent and just back  from Japan, showed us a version of Koku from Gyokko Ryu that really epitomised the use of good kamae and distancing to break down uke’s kamae and led to some nice gyaku waza. Feeling this technique gave  renewed understanding of the meaning of koku – empty space. James then mentioned  a talk that Soke gave on the concept of “isshi soden” and how it relates to the true heart we should have in training.

Thought provoker: Musha Dori – ever practice this, or other Kihon Happo kata, without a partner?

– Ali Martinez


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