Class Record: Togakure Ryu Ninpo with Marcus Dwyer

February 29, 2008

Just back from Japan, Marcus shared some of the movement and ideas from this year’s theme. I was uke a lot for this class so felt the lightness of touch and potential for devastating throws and strikes that the movement we’re studying wraps you up in.

We studied a particular kind of footwork and angling that exposes the uke to having an open guard and unbalanced position. Mental unbalance was achieved through metsubishi use too, and it all led to a feeling for the attacker of not having any base to fight with. Marcus often would disappear to the blind side….. he just wouldn’t be there, in the fight but yet you ended up beaten. A fight needs two or more people doesn’t it? If one becomes invisible, the fight disolves – thats what it felt like.

We looked at 2 of the Tonso Gata as a way of seeing how this works. This brought us to dealing with attacks from behind and dealing with small weapons. Marcus talked about “fighting” versus “surviving” and the idea of escaping and not engaging. Overall, an excellent reminder of what Bujinkan is all about.

Thought provoker: Did everyone ask Marcus if they could feel the technique?

– Ali Martinez




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