Class Record: Omote Gyaku + jutaijutsu + Kyoketsu

March 4, 2008

Class: Monday 3 x 3

This class saw us look at 3 different Omote Gyaku kote dori. Gyokko Ryu, Koto Ryu and Gikan Ryu styles. Within these movements were different grips, footwork, tai-sabaki etc. We saw again how important it is to take balance first. This idea came again later when Rex was asked to show something from the Sveneric seminar. The timing involved with this was used to take various gyaku aided by tanto and kyoketsu shoge.

Thought provoker:

There are a lot of beginners in our main classes now so care must be taken to ensure safety at all times and that they aren’t left training amongst themselves. There is value in training with all levels and you must spread yourself – train  with  seniors, peers and juniors –  you’ll miss important ideas if you don’t.


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