Class Record: Ura Gyaku + Koto Ryu + Shinnenjutsu + Kyoketsu

March 7, 2008

Class: Thursday 06 March

Another look at Gikan Ryu-like locks with ura gyaku. This led to a study of shinnenjutsu or the idea of messing with uke’s ability to form a response no matter how much they flow around a technique. It’s the sort of thing that needs the uke to be aware of the potential danger. If they’re not then it don’t work so good…. but that’s ok because the hitting part still exists. When it works and you’re able to stifle uke’s kamae and use of space, you can take locks that  wouldn’t work if you tried to create them.

This playfull feeling transfered to the kyoketsu shoge which we used against empty hand and sword. We looked at strikes, entanglement, distance, jutte-like trapping and general handling. There are many aspects of this weapon that bring together ideas from bojutsu, shuriken, taijutsu, jutte etc. Alex also noted that you’d need to be quite good with  a sword to be able to use it against one, so it can be seen that this weapon makes an excellent gauge of your overall ability.

I was asked to show “Shito” from Koto Ryu Koppojutsu so demonstrated a certain kind of tai-sabaki. Alex expanded on this with a version that incorporated that flowing feeling earlier.

Though provoker: How does the tai-sabaki in this technique apply to other things – like the Kihon Happo for example?

 –  Ali Martinez


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